Free Energy

It has been said that any energy that you receive without having to pay for it is free. This excludes, of course, trying to steal it from your utility company as that is not free since it creates moral bondage. We receive energy from the sun all the time. There is also energy in the cosmos and in the very fabric of, the very atoms and subatomic particles that make up, our physical universe. An unlimited supply of energy is available to us. We only need discover how to harvest it.

In a practical sense, though, free energy is not technically free. One must invest in the construction of a device that can harvest the energy. This is an investment that can pay huge dividends. Because this has now been stated, our use of the word “free” herein ignores this initial investment as well as maintenance expense.

Solar Energy

Energy from sunlight has been harnessed and utilized for thousands of years in a number of various ways by people the world over. It has been used to preserve and cook foods, provide light and heat to buildings, and today it is also used to produce free electricity.

The cost of solar energy collection panels has come down in recent years making it more cost-effective to produce electricity from solar energy. Currently the price is between one dollar and two dollars per watt. In some applications, it can even rival the economics of extracting energy from petroleum or coal.

Wind Power

In a typical scenario, a wind charger or wind generator harnesses the energy in wind with a blade (somewhat similar to an airplane propeller) that is turned by the wind, and then this turns an electrical generator which produces power.

Wind generators, like solar collectors, are very earth-friendly; except for one thing. With the type of wind generator most often used, the blades spin very fast and, because of this, birds cannot see them and fly into them to their detriment. There are non-typical variations that can be employed, but these tend to be less efficient.

The cost of the typical horizontal axis wind charger has also been coming down recently as technology improves. At a cost of just over one dollar per watt in some cases, wind power can be a less expensive investment than solar power system. But, because the devices do not just sit there basking in the sun like solar panels do, their mechanical rotation causes a need for increased maintenance.

Other Free Energy Devices

There are many, many other free energy devices that have been, and are being, invented that strive to produce more power out than is input. These are sometimes referred to as over-unity devices. Many of these devices have even been patented, but not based on any claim of over-unity because the patent office will not grant a patent on such claims.

These free energy devices utilize such technologies as magnet power, voltage and current pulsed systems, aerial and electrostatic generator systems, and fuel-less engines, among many others. Their inventors include well-known and not-so-well-known people such as Stan Meyer, Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, Tom Bearden, Joseph Newman, Dave Lawton, Thomas Henry Moray, John Bedini, Bob Boyce, Tariel Kapanadze, Thane Heins, Floyd Sweet, Howard Johnson, Don Kelly, and Robert G. Adams, among many others.

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